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As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, we are spending more time at home, with overseas and interstate travel likely to be impacted for the foreseeable future. The pandemic has also been a time to take stock and reflect on what is important. Given this, now might be the perfect time to tackle the things you’ve been thinking about doing, and spending locally helps small businesses and communities recover from months of lost income. 

Visit a local tourist attraction
Investigate your local tourist attractions. Perhaps you have access to local farmers markets for fresh, home-grown produce, wineries for your favourite regional wines, or you may even have a wildlife sanctuary nearby. Paying them a visit can provide much-needed support that could make a huge difference. Holidays do not have to involve travelling overseas, and you may enjoy rediscovering the delights on your doorstep. The lack of jetlag is also likely to put a spring in your step.

Buy a new car or even a mobile home
With overseas travel looking unlikely in the near future, you may be building an Australian travel bucket list. Whether you plan to explore your state or territory, or further afield once borders are open, a new car or even a mobile home may be in your sights to make your travel dreams come true. Taking to the open road may be a bucket list priority after months of lockdown, and whether you love country getaways, stunning beaches, reconnecting with nature, or discovering cultural or historical sites, there’s plenty to see and experience right here in Australia.

Renovate your home
Having spent more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be re-evaluating your home and your creature comforts. An extension to provide extra space for working from home may be number one on your bucket list. Or, perhaps updating your home with a fresh lick of paint and some brand-new furnishings has become your top priority for 2021.

Plan your wedding
The pandemic may have inspired you to seize the day. You may be planning to get married, or rethinking your existing wedding plans in line with current restrictions. Now could be the time to start making plans for the future.

Expand your family
Being separated from loved ones might have you thinking about the importance and proximity of family. You might be considering growing your family, having a parent or relative move in permanently, or even looking for a pet.

Take up a new hobby
Many people have been using the time in lockdown to rediscover old hobbies, or to dream of new ones once restrictions ease. Whether you’re creative and enjoy photography or playing an instrument, or something more adventurous like jet skiing or cycling, you really are only limited by your imagination and willingness to try something new.  


We’re ready to help you

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