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Apex Finance Bank has a range of savings accounts and term deposits to help you spend or save, the way you want. Understanding how you want to use your money will help you to decide the account that is right for you.

Optional Overdraft facility available to provide you with a safety net of extra funds.


The Australian Government's Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) protects people's deposits in the unlikely event that a bank, building society or credit union fails. It only covers banking institutions that are incorporated in Australia, and has been known as the Australian Government deposit guarantee.


Tools like our Budget Planner and Savings Plan Simulator can help you understand the impact that changing a few small spending habits can have on your finances.

To activate your card online, log onto Online Banking and visit the 'Services' section or call Apex Finance Bank on +19177658826.

Call Apex Finance Bank on +19177658826, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For overseas assistance, call us on +19177658826 or contact Visa Global Customer Assistance +19177658826(international) or the VISA International Hotline specific to the country you are in.

Contact us before you travel overseas so we can monitor your account more closely. You will also avoid transactions on your cards being stopped by us when we detect overseas purchases.